Commercial & Business Litigation

Commercial & Business Litigation

Every year, billions of dollars are gained and lost in the litigation of business disputes throughout the country. The cost of litigation in today's modern business world is an expense that must be anticipated in any long-term business strategy.

Although no one wants to wind up in Court with their fate in the hands of a judge or jury, it does happen. To that end, I provide ongoing consulting services to my business clients on the best ways to proactively protect their interests and avoid becoming involved in litigation.

Michael J. Newman has over the past 30 years, practiced in the State Courts of Illinois with a routine presence in the Cook and Lake County courthouses. Michael is highly experienced in the art of negotiation and brings those skills to bear when appropriate to bring about timely resolutions of litigation affecting his clients. Michael has resolved both simple and complex litigation matters for individuals as well as all types of companies and corporate entities. We have successfully represented locally recognized businesses, entrepreneurs, manufacturing and technical oriented companies, professionals and professional service corporations, real estate developers and accountants, just to name a few.

If your case could go to trial, you want a lawyer like Michael who is ready, willing and able to move forward with a trial with sufficient resources and talent to succeed. It's not enough to know the rules; Michael knows how to use those rules strategically. It's not
enough to just master the facts; Michael has the ability to tell the story, and win over the judge and jury by persuading them.

My extensive business and commercial litigation experience comes into the picture as an additional asset to my clients. From private business professionals to corporations, my clients trust me to handle disputes that affect the core of their business or financial lives.

When litigation becomes the only means to resolve a dispute, business litigators must be equipped to manage a complex case through legal minefields, as quickly and efficiently as possible. I have an outstanding track record in conducting this type of litigation, representing clients skillfully and effectively for 30 years.

Michael J. Newman handles all aspects of disputes, ranging from negotiating settlements, mediation, arbitration, litigation and trials in various areas, including:

  • Shareholder & Partnership Disputes
  • Breach of Contract Cases
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Professional Services Disputes
  • Franchisee Agreements
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Theft of Trade Secrets
  • Distributorship & Licensing
  • Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Corporate Dissolutions
  • Preliminary Injunctions
  • Fraudulent Business Transactions
  • Unfair Competition Claims
  • Breach of Employee Loyalty
  • Director Deadlocks
  • Corporate Leasing Disputes

Michael J. Newman also has extensive experience in shareholder litigation including chancery litigation seeking temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, permanent injunctions, accountings, dissolution and shareholder derivative actions.


Shareholder & Partner Disputes

Michael J. Newman has had decades of experience resolving disputes between shareholders, business partners, LLC members and joint ventures. We are frequently called upon to provide counsel and advice to our clients and to advocate on their behalf in negotiation, mediation, alternative dispute resolution and litigation in the following areas:

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Embezzlement
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Shareholder Oppression
  • Self-Dealing
  • Minority Ownership Rights
  • Executive Compensation, Buyout Agreements and Buyout Rights
  • Corporate Deadlock Disputes

There are many ways to protect oneself in the event of shareholder disputes or business partner litigation. Call us to schedule a consultation to see if you can benefit from our extensive experience in shareholder and partnership disputes.

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