Commercial real estate

Let Michael's 30+ years of Chicago real estate Business & Real Estate Law experience work for you

For over 30 years, Michael has advised and represented clients in commercial real estate law matters. His representation encompasses all types of commercial property in the Chicago area including: office space, industrial space, retail space, multi-family residential properties, and undeveloped land. Michael facilitates profitable commercial real estate transactions and identifies potential areas of risk. When necessary, he protects his client’s interests through aggressive real estate litigation.

  •         Negotiation, Preparation & Review of Property Sale/Purchase Contracts
  •         Title, Survey and Insurance Issues
  •         Construction and Lien Issues
  •         Financing Issues
  •         Representation at the Closing
  •         Negotiation of Leases and Resolution of Lease Contract Issues
  •         Commercial Real Estate Litigation
  •         Landlord Tenant Disputes
  •         Condominium Conversion and Construction

Michael is timely, efficient, and cost-effective in delivering services to clients with commercial real estate interests in the Chicago area.

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